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Travel Planning


Travel planning is a long process. Whether you have months to plan or are in need of a quick turnaround, get in touch with our team today to help organize your travel planning. The Voigt’s team can help with routing, parking, loading locations, shuttle times or anything else! We’ll answer any questions you have to make sure your group gets exactly where you need to be safely and efficiently.


Here are some helpful hints when choosing a transportation company that meets all of your needs. Otherwise, get in touch with our team today!


Travel Planning Must Ask Questions



  • Are the vehicles DOT certified?

  • Is the company a member of any transportation associations?

  • What type of training do the drivers receive?

  • Does the company offer safety incentives or awards for their drivers?

  • What is the company's emergency response plan in case of an incident or breakdown?

  • Does the company comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations?

    • On Board Recording Devices

    • On Board Logging Devices

    • Cell Phone Policies


Look at Voigt’s safety record.



  • Who performs the routine maintenance on the buses?

  • Are there in-house mechanics or an outside source?

  • Are the mechanics ASE certified?

  • Are the vehicles kept inside or outside?


Check out our maintenance shop and team, located in St. Augusta.



  • Does the company's insurance meet the federally required amount?

  • Does the company have an emergency contact on call 24 hours/day?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Can you visit their terminal?

  • How many vehicles are in a company's charter fleet?


Learn more about Voigt’s history and professional associations.


All of these questions give you a look into the profile of a potential carrier. By doing a little homework now, you can help ensure that the results of your travel planning will be exactly what you were looking for.

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