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Voigt's Dedication to Safety


You put your complete trust in our transportation services – that’s why we work hard to honor that trust by providing the best bus safety for your journey.


As passengers, you put your complete trust in our services – that’s why we work hard to earn and honor that trust. At Voigt’s we take the necessary measures to make sure each trip goes smooth and without incident. In the rare case an incident does occur, the insurance we carry is higher than the federally required amount.


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Bus Safety Awards


Bus safety is a top priority at Voigt’s and we take pride in the performance of our drivers and staff. We encourage our drivers to do a good job and be aware of their environment.




Through thorough training, safety awareness and good practices we awarded our drivers $160,949.44 during the last calendar year!




Additionally, we have awarded more than 300 bus safety awards in the past 5 years!


Driver Safety


Drivers must adhere to strict guidelines, screenings and background checks. Our team cares about you and does all we can to make sure you travel safe and sound, whether it’s a short trip or a journey across the state.


Cell Phone Use


Voigt's company policy states that drivers will not use cellular telephones while the motorcoach is in motion. However, drivers are allowed to use cell phones while the bus is parked.


This follows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ruling made in 2011. To learn more about distracted driving visit


Driver Logs


Voigt’s is committed to preventing accidents through fatigued drivers. Therefore, our drivers aren’t allowed to exceed 10 hours of driving time and 15 hours of on duty time per day. Ask our sales staff for information on how to plan your trip safely and visit the FMCSA website for more details.


The Bottom Line


Our first and most important goal is to keep you safe while taking you on a journey. We go above and beyond federal law and local regulations to take care of our passengers and provide each with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Voigt’s long time standing as one of the premier bus and charter services in the state of Minnesota relies on our ability to provide passengers with top of the line service that is unequaled in every way, including safety.


The next time you need to charter a bus for an event for a small or large group, you can count on Voigts to be here for you. Contact us with any questions about our motorcoaches, or request a quote to schedule a safe and exciting charter experience.

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