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At Voigts we have more than 35 school buses making us one of the largest fleets in the state. Our team is prepared to give you the best in dedicated service and commitment and provide our passengers with 100% safety and service that is unequaled. Voigts fleet of school buses is the top rated fleet in the St. Cloud and surrounding areas.

Our fleet is specialized in both short and long distance trips, we provide passengers with exceptional levels of service on a full range of different trip types.

Below Are Some Examples of Trip Types We Provide:

  • Routine school stops and passenger pickups
  • Sporting events and other similar functions
  • Parties, events and weddings
  • Long distance school functions
  • Camping trips and other activity center destinations
  • Anything else, just contact us and ask!

Voigt’s understands the importance of security and safety when it comes to our passengers. It’s because of our dedication to taking care of our passengers that we’ve managed to create such a respected image and reputation.

School Bus

When You Hire Voigt, You’re Drivers Are:

  • Experienced in driving in a school bus fleet
  • Properly licensed for all states of transportation
  • Have had thorough background checks to ensure security
  • Are required by law and by Voigts to pass chemical screenings
  • Have years of experience in handling passengers of all ages

Voigts is rated as one of the best passenger service lines in the state of Minnesota and with more than 30 years of service it’s easy to see why. Our school busses are all kept running at optimal level of function. They’re clean, modern and free from any dirt or filth.

Our drivers are held to the same standards you would expect at any professional company. They’re friendly courteous, knowledgeable and ready to serve you with all your needs. Voigt’s prides themselves on efficient and safe service, we are exceptional at providing our passengers with the best levels of service available in the state.

When you hire Voigt’s you know you’re getting the best there is. To learn more about how you can employ our bus fleet for one of your up-coming events or trips, contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your time and considering Voigts as your next go to company for all your charter school bus needs.

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