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Are you planning a trip with a religious group or congregation? Where is it you would like to travel to? Maybe you’re thinking of planning a long distance trip across country, maybe it’s a short trip across town.

Any sized group no matter how big or small can benefit from our services. Churches, Civic Groups & Clubs are all frequent customers of ours at Voigt’s Shuttle Bus service and we know how to treat you right.

Our services give guest the freedom to relax with us and enjoy the sites. Now you can enjoy any trip in total comfort and complete style while traveling in luxury. Each of motor coaches is packed with all the amenities you can imagine or want.

Featured Amenities for Churches, Civic Groups & Clubs

  • Restroom– Each coach has a private restroom so passengers can easily relieve themselves and freshen up as needed without inconveniencing the trip.
  • Multiple Video Monitors– Each monitor has a video graphic adapter and can be hooked up with modern electronics such as a DVD player.
  • 110 Volt Outlets– Our passengers can charge phones, laptops and tablets from the convenience of their own seat.
  • Wi-Fi– Optional Wi-Fi is available on all our buses and gives excellent connection to online services and internet.
  • P/A system– Our P/A system makes for easy communication with the entire bus, perfect for speeches, sermons and games.
  • Tables– Voigt Shuttle Services can install tables upon request in our coaches.
  • Large Luggage Areas– Our larger buses have massive luggage areas as well.
  • Mini Buses and Coaches– For smaller groups and a more intimate experience we have smaller buses to choose from.

Our Drivers for Churches, Civic Groups & Clubs

Each of our drivers is required to be properly licensed and trained to operate each of our vehicles and guide passengers as well. Our drivers are professional, courteous and accommodating to the needs of the groups and hold themselves to the highest industry standards. They have extensive, ongoing and continual safety training, are offered the best safety incentives and always receive the best awards and accommodations. You can always rest assured when hiring us at Voigt’s Shuttle Services, that you’ll get the best team there is behind the wheel for churches, civic groups & clubs.

Whether you’re the member of a massive church or a smaller organization, Voigt’s Shuttle Service is right for you. As a dedicated customer of Voigt’s, you’ll receive the best in bus and coach services, a driver that is devoted to your comfort and safety and a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

How to Obtain Our Convention & Hotel Shuttle Services

Contact Us today at 1-800-468-6448 to find out how we can assist you and you help you in safety, comfort and style.

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